When it comes to setting up and operating a successful Top Level Domain Registry there are several solutions :-

1. 100% Managed Service

This is the quick and easy way of running a TLD.  Let somebody who already has the knowledge, experience, infrastructure and the software do it for you.  You just sit back and rake in the profits. We can provide this service at a reasonable fixed price, or commission per domain sold.  read more

2. Do It Yourself

You want more control over your business, so you host the required hardware and software to run the TLD and you manage it yourself.  TLDRS can help set you up in this position. We can provide everything you need and configure it all so you just have to manage your registry.  read more

3. A TLDRS partnership

In a TLDRS partnership we can provide you with a solid infrastructure on which to run your own Top Level Domain Registry on your own hardware or ours, and we can monitor and manage it as suites you. Consider it like the DIY method with you in control but with us taking the strain of ensuring the reliability and availability of your systems and the integrity of your data.  read more


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